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The Web Doctor

Brian Platz
The Web Doctor
Salem, Oregon
(503) 373-4728
(503) 373-9848 (Fax)


THE WEB DOCTOR has been a contractor with the federal and various state government agencies since 2001. The Web Doctor was a GSA vendor for 5 years (Contract # GS-35F-0257U) spanning from 2008 to 2013.

Being a GSA Vendor was more work than what it was worth. It is not required to work for the government in fact even when I was under a GSA Contract my State Agencies contracts chose not to use the GSA contract - too much work for them also - that tells you something... It became non-beneficial for The Web Doctor to continue/renew that GSA Vendor Contract. I still do a fair amount of work for both Federal and State agencies without it.

Most of our work with the federal government deals with Aviation Services (Office of Aircraft Services and the US Forest Service - Fire and Aviation Serivces. State work has been primarily with Oregon State Marine Board - Law Enforcement Division, Oregon Park and Recreation and going way back: Oregon Department of Corrections and Oregon Department of Education.

Numerous References available.

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