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How Much Does A Website cost?


So this is probably the most commonly asked question we are asked. The answer can easily be broken down into 4 categories, 3 of which have fixed amounts. Below, the 4 categories are explained in greater detail.


( Registration is $90/3 years; with private registration.
This is a "leasing" of the domain name, with full rights to continue the lease after the initial lease period. Every domain is unique; no two companies can have the same domain name. You can purchase leases for 1, 2, 3, 5 … years at a time.  Discounts for the longer you wish to register. We register all domains with "Private Registration". If you do not add the private registration, your contact information is publically available in what is referred to as the Domain's WHOIS record, which is publically available to whomever wishes to find it and use it. So in the past that was not a bad thing, but in today's world, Credit Card companies (and many others) can and do obtain your mailing information to fill up your mailbox with unwanted offers and solicitations. Phone solicators can add your phone number listed in the Domain's WHOIS record to calling lists and then they sell those lists. Spammers can obtain your email address listed in the Domain's WHOIS record and add it to SPAM campaigns and they too are known for selling theis lists. It pays to register every domain with private registration - TRUST ME!


There is a fee for hosting any company’s web site/files on a server that is connected to the Internet 24hrs/7days a week at a fast/reliable connection. The normal monthly hosting from the Web Doctor runs $29/mo. This is a package, which includes: Email Aliases and/or POP3 Domain email accounts, Unlimited Disk Transfer, FTP Access, 750 Megabytes of storage and more.  The Server(s) your web sites reside on are very Robust Servers, with Redundant Power Supplies, RAID-5 disk array and connected to the Internet at Dual Redundant DS-3 connections; that is a FAST Connection. There are multiple redundancies so if one Internet backbone goes down, the other will keep all sites up and running.  We also have a SQL Server Hosting Package which runs $59/mo. More details on the web hosting package can be found at:


There are of course costs associated in developing and programming web pages / web site. This cost is more or less a One-Time Cost for the initial development of your web site. The cost will vary from web site to web site; it all depends on what the customer wants.  We can provide a more accurate estimate of web site development costs after conducting a FREE Initial Consultation and discussing what the company wants on their web site. How Many Pages, How Much Graphics, Database Work, etc. We commonly provide 2-3 exercises that gives you a good idea of the number of pages and the amount of content you wish to have on your web site. We can discuss those exercises when we initially meet or speak. There are also a number of things that a client can do to cut the costs of initial development and I will normally discuss those during initial consultations as well.


Once a web site is built and hosted under it's domain name, now it is time to market it.  There are a number of methods of marketing your web site. Search Engine Submission is just one of many methods of marketing your web site.  This can be a very time consuming process with little “Immediate” results.  Search Engine Submissions takes time to show up and the ranking emthods of each search engine change constantly. I have a number of purchased tools that allow me to submit to numerous search engines and save a lot of time.

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