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On the World Wide Web your domain name is your own unique identity. No two parties can ever hold the same domain name simultaneously; therefore your Internet identity is totally unique. If you have a business site on the Internet your domain name is your own online brand and in a sense you can use your domain name as your online business card. With your own domain name your web site, and e-mail addresses for example will have that professional look, being unique to your business. Many people often miss the importance of having a domain name and registering it early on in the business plan.

I can register a domain for you over the phone. If you are starting a new business and have not chosen a company name yet, searching for available domains "should be" a part of the process. Ideally you want your domain name to match your business name. Often folks pick a business name, register with the state and then later are shocked or disappointed that numerous variations of a domain name using their company name are not only taken but well established and pose a problem for future customers of yours looking for you business on the internet.

Plan ahead, call The Web Doctor. If your company is already established and you are just a little late building a web site there are still various options you have in obtaining a good domain name for your business.

My suggestion to EVERYONE is regardless of if a web site is in the near future or not, register a domain NOW. Lock it up so that nobody else can use it, even if a web site is a couple years down the road. There is also the marketing of your web site that folks often forget. If you have registered a domain early, you can then use that when you go to print new business cards and other future marketing material.

Also, we can setup domain email addresses, so you look more professional. It often makes me laugh when I see a business card or a side of a van and their email address is: or The first thing I think is unprofessionalism. The cost of a domain name is Cheap!

Call The Web Doctor - Do It Now - Be Ahead Of Your Competition!


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