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Brian Platz

Work Experience
Computer Consultant 1991-Present
Since 1991 I have consulted to a number of individuals, small businesses and State and Federal Government. During this time I have developed computer applications written in Active Server Pages, Visual Basic Script, SQL Server, Access, and Oracle. Since March / 96, I have spent the majority of my consulting hours developing custom Internet Web Sites integrating ADO & ODBC compliant databases with Active Server Pages over the Internet. I have extensive experience in the Microsoft Family of Products including, but not limited to Windows Server Family, Internet Information Server (IIS), SQL Server, Transaction Server, Visual Studio and the entire Microsoft Office Family of Products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook) Experience with software outside of the Microsoft arena include: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator. My communication skills, both in writing and orally, are excellent. I am a team player and am known for prioritizing my tasks well, meeting deadlines, and keeping my customers very happy. More recently, typical duties would include: Design, Development, and Maintenance of Business Web sites and Design and Development of complex databases and integrating them dynamically over the Internet. Extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets, Client-Side Javascript and JQuery. Within Microsoft SQL Server, designing and developing database tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, functions, rules, DTS packages, SSIS packages, apply security, setup and implement backup, restore, and replication routines and much more.
Oregon Dept. Of Education,  1/98 - 10/30/99    Web Master
At Oregon Department of Education (ODE) my title was "Web Master". I developed, maintained, and administrated the agency's Internet and Intranet sites. In addition I developed web applications using straight ASP, Microsoft Interdev, Dreamweaver, Home Site, VB Script, Java Script, MS Office, and SQL Server. Our Internet shop was practically all Microsoft products with three NT Servers running Internet Information Server (IIS), Index Server, Transaction Server, Site Server, and SQL Server to name a few. I organized, developed, and oversaw an agency web development team, comprising of persons from each division of the organization. I conducted monthly training for the ODE Web Team to increase their skills in all aspects of web development. Oregon Department of Education's web site, when I left in '99 consisted of over 9000 pages and 23 database web applications.
Oregon Dept. Of Corrections,  1/96 - 1/98   Systems Analyst / Web Master
The duties of my System Analyst position at Corrections was to design, develop, and implement client server computer applications using Visual Basic and tying them into our very complex Criminal Information System (CIS), residing in numerous Oracle and DB400 databases on AS400, Unix and NT platforms. During my employment at Oregon Deparment of Corrections (DOC), I was also the Team Leader / Project Manager / Webmaster for the Agency's Internet/Intranet Development, which includes but is not limited to Planning, Designing, Developing, Managing and Supporting DOC's Internet and Intranet sites. I was also our backup Oracle Database Administrator.
U.S. Forest Service, Siuslaw NF,   1989 - 1/96   Computer Specialist
My Position on the Forest was that of a zoned Personal Computer (PC) Manager. The duties of that position were to manage and support all the PCs on the Siuslaw National Forest. The position encompassed: technical support, standardization of hardware and software, training needs, security issues, procurement, and futuring. At the time, there were approximately 110 PCs across 6 counties, which were connected at both LAN/WAN levels, using TCP/IP protocol connected to our T-1 lines throughout the Forest. I was also a System Administrator for a Data General Mini (MV-15000), and GIS Workstations. I was  an Oracle DBA (Database Administrator) for 5 of the years I was employed by the Forest Service and have Supervisor Experience and Training.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Natural Resources with minors in Business & Computer Science Humboldt State University; Arcata, California  - 1988

Star George
Northwest Marine Trade Association
Seattle, WA
President / Director for NMTA
(Northwest Marine Trade Association)
Star Jeff
Oregon State Parks & Recreation
  - OHV/ATV Division
Salem, OR
OHV/ATV Coordinator
Star Woody
Office of Aircraft Services (OAS)
Boise, ID
Chief, Aviation Training Branch
Star Ron
Prier Pipe & Supply Wholesale
Salem, OR
General Manager
Star Bob
On-Point SEO &
Albany, OR

My Interests
Our Children Lacrosse Our Dogs Scuba Diving Boating/Camping
Photography Computers Travel / Ireland Paying It Forward Networking

Sites I've Enjoyed Developing:
Interagency Aviation Training - Training Registration, Online Modules, and Online Testing

This is a national in scope, multi-federal, multi-state web based application that tracks ALL Federal Aviation Training Courses of all Aviation Personnel throughout the US. It is written in Active Server Pages (ASP)  with a Microsoft SQL Server Database on the backend. It was originally developed in 2004. It also provides online registration for classroom courses, online courses and ACE week-long training modules. Students are able to securely login and sign-up for course, take online courses, take online, randomly generated 10-50 multiple choice question tests, view current training schedule, view past training record, print certificates and more…

Because the bulk of this application is Username and Password protected, using SSL encryption, I am unable to make a direct link to the password protected section, where administrators can Add/Edit/Manage Courses, Classes, Tests, run numerous online, dynamic reports and much more.

Oregon State Marine Board Law Enforcement Activities

This site is pretty much ALL driven from a SQL Server database on the backend. All Agencies, Agency Employees (program managers, officers, cadets, volunteers) add their Daily Activities, Citations/Violations given out, Training Education Classes, Boating Incidents and much, much more. This application was developed in .NET and is entirely password protected and uses SSL for encryption of data. If you are interested in viewing, call and I can walk your through it and all the features it has.

Oregon State Parks and Recreation OHV/ATV LE Activities

This site is also pretty much ALL driven from a SQL Server database on the backend. All Agencies, Agency Employees (program managers, officers, cadets, volunteers) add their Daily Activities, Citations/Warnings/Violations given out, Training Education Classes, OHV/ATV Incidents and much, much more. This application was developed in .NET and is entirely password protected and uses SSL for encryption of data. If you are interested in viewing, call and I can walk your through it and all the features it has.

Seattle Boat Show - Exhibitor Dashboard

I have been a contractor for Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) since 1999. My first reference listed above, George Harris (current President of NMTA) and I have a great 23+ year relationship. I have developed numerous databases and web sites for NMTA, but this Seattle Boat Show Exhibuitor dashboard is one of the latest efforts. This website is for ALL Exhibitors of the Seattle Boat Show to login and take care of business, including creating Electronic Exhibuitor Badges for entrance to the show (NEW for 2023), forms, invoices and much more. This similar, database-driven "show dashboard" has also been used for the Anacortes Boat Show. In addition of items for all logged in exhibitors, it also has an ADMIN area for Show Administrators (NMTA) with numberous reports and functionality to be able to administrate the show and its ~290 exhibitors.

Anacortes Boat and Yacht Show

JUNE 25th and June 26th 2020

This is the first of its kind. There are a lot of folks wishing to connect with potential clients without them having to come in. Here is a boat show with 32 Boat Dealers featuring a select number of boats in their current inventory and using ZOOM technology we are connecting customes to boat dealers during the LIVE Show on Thursday June 25th 3 - 7 PM and Friday June 26th 11 - 7 PM. This is a database driven web site built by The Web Doctor. What a fun project!

Chapter Tool

Here is a SQL database-driven web application that is a life saver for Networking Groups around the country, including Letip Chapters. TipMasters, Secreataries, Vice Presidents and Presidents of networking groups can save themselves a LOT of time by using/subscribing to This site was originally developed in late 2009 for Letip Chapters in the US and Cananda where referals (or what the Letip members call "Tips") are passed between businesses within their chapter. Collecting, managing, and reporting on those weekly submitted tips can be an overwhelming task for the TipMaster position in each chapter. I have been a Letip member since 1999 and know the needs of the TipMaster position. Now there is an online solution where chapters can easily and securely enter and manage their chapter's tips online. This is a subscription fee based web site and is an excellent resource for ALL Networking Groups, especially inclduing LeTip Chapters in the North America. The Web Site was released in Jan / 2010.

Safecom System

The Safecom system is also a national in scope, multi-federal, multi-state web based application that fulfills the Aviation Mishap Information System (AMIS) requirements for aviation mishap reporting for the Department of Interior agencies and the US Forest Service. Categories of reports include incidents, hazards, maintenance, and airspace. The system is written in Active Server Pages (ASP)  with a Microsoft SQL Server Database on the backend. Safecoms report any condition, observation, act, maintenance problem, or circumstance with personnel or the aircraft that has the potential to cause an aviation-related mishap.

There is a Public Submit and Search section of this site, but much more of the advanced features and coding are Username and Password protected.

North West Marine Trade Association (NMTA)

The Northwest Marine Trade Association is the largest Marine Trade organization of its kind in the Nation. Among other things, this web site has a searchable and updateable membership database on the back end.  We also developed a Visual Basic member application which tracks their brands and activities, membership dues, invoicing, boatshow space and payments and much, much more.

Also Check-Out...  and   

Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service

The Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service web site is a centralized housing for all Real Estate Listings in the Willamette Valley (Oregon).  Their members are all the Real Estate Offices and Agents in the Willamette Valley. This site has a SQL Server Database with many, many, complex tables, stored procedures, triggers, DTS packages, views and reports. I have been working for WVMLS since 2005.

I am a partial owner of and the development of this site has always been a passion of mine. Our goal has been to connect Oregon interactively, that is to provide content for each city in Oregon without it being a monumental task of updating. We have now partnered with numerous newspapers that are now online to help accomplish this goal. This is the beginning of something potentially big, always has been.

Britton Power Wash & Seal LLC

A young, hard-working business owner, based out of Stayton Oregon, providing professional power-wash, soft washing services in the Willamette Valley. Mobile friendly site with Services, Reviews, Before and After Photo Gallery, FAQs, and Free Estimate Contact Us form that emails and text alerts owner.

Chuck Briggs Bumper Repair

With over 25 years of experience and using the absolute top-of-the-line paint (Sherwin Williams Ultra 7000 Acrylic Enamel and Premium Acrylic Urethane Clearcoat with Catalytic Hardener for Durability and UV Protection), Chuck Briggs consistently comes in at half the cost of traditional body shops.

Oregon High School Lacrosss Association (OHSLA)   

Oregon Lacrosse Web Site is a fully functional database driven web site that provides, Teams, Coaches, Game Schedules, Standings, Official's Assignments, Officials Accepting Assignments, Ratings of Officials By Coaches and Officials, Payment of Officials and much, much more. This web site was also developed to be expandable, so what was initially developed for Boys High School (BHS) can also be used for Girls High School, Girls and Boys Youth, Mens and Womens Club, etc. This site has administrative areas for Overall Admin, for Assigning Officials, and individual logins for coaches and officials to update "their" coach and team information as well as submit rating of officials on their games. This site is a GREAT example of how a Database Driven Web Site can make ones life MUCH EASIER !!!

A Covered Affair & Party Rentals

A Covered Affair has a very full line of everything and anything you would ever want to rent for an event. Our recent company merge of "A Cover Affair" and "Crossroads Finen Linens & Party Rentals" just doubled our inventory. We are here to help make your next event a spectacular one. Tables, Chairs, Linens, Centerpieces, Dinnerware, Flatware, Glasswar, Tents, Covers, Stages and much, much more...

Crawford Crossing HOA

Crawford Crossing Home Owners Association (HOA) is in Turner, Oregon. This newer housing development around Turner Lake contacted me and wanted their own web site; we made that happen in short order.

Word of Life Fellowship

Apostle Paul D. Young is the founder and Pastor of Word of Life Fellowship in Salem, OR. He has been in the ministry since 1974 and founded Word of Life in 1987. He has ministered in many nations around the world. Currently focusing on the nations of Thailand and Mexico. To help raise up pastors, evangelists and Christian workers. He hosts the one hour weekly television and radio program “Life for Today”. As a successful business owner and CEO he has powerful insight and wisdom in the business arena and is known as a life coach and a mentor who motivates people into their destiny.

Paws For Love Therapy Dogs

Paws For Love Therapy Dogs is an organization in Oregon that trains and certifies Therapy Dogs and their Handlers in Oregon. Both our Golden-Doodles (Bonnie and Maggie) are Therapy Dogs and Adina and I volunteer with them at local hospitals, care homes, etc. A very rewarding way to spend good quality time with your pet is to become a Therapy Dog team and volunteer and make someone's day by visiting them while they are sick or ill.

Michael Knapp Law Office

The Salem law office of Knapp Davis Chartrey LLC. They provide attorneys for business law, commercial litigation, construction law, contract law, LLC and Corporate formations and individual/small business law. Attorneys at their law firm establish long-term relationships with clients; providing practical and cost-effective solutions to their legal dilemmas.

King Dental Office

Dr. King is my dentist and friend. He and his team consider treating patients a special privilege. Integrity is a word that comes to mind immediately. Many years experience helps provide you with a comfortable all-around experience, including treatment, scheduling appointments.

The Largest Boat Show west of the Missippii. Many database pieces in this one, from Vendors, Vendor Products, Product Photos & Documents, Seminars and much more. For the first time, in 2021, Seattle Boat Show was not an in-person show, but a virtual show. Very large project and multiple programmers involved, but the Web Doctor handled all database pieces to this web site.

Road Runner Transport

Road Runner Transport is an HTML5, mobile-friendly site for a small company in Salem, Oregon offering medical transport to person in the Willamette Valeley region; primarily Salem and its surrouding areas.

Humboldt Lacrosse

I played Lacrosse at Humboldt State University and the team needed a web site, so I donated my time to build them a web site and have had fun reconnecting with previous players/alumni from years back. Great Lacrosse Tournament (Harvest Tournament); apprximately third week in October; Good Times!

Boat Escape is the Ultimate Internet Resource for Boaters, Campers, and Anglers in Oregon. It contains a comprehensive, searchable SQL Server database of information on ALL Oregon Lakes and Rivers, ALL Campgrounds (private, city, county, state and multiple federal), and ALL Marinas. It also contains a searchable Business Directory with over 1450 boating, camping and fishing related businesses in Oregon and vicinity. We also received a grant to build the realtionship of the species of fish to each body of water in Oregon. Now users can search Oregon lakes and rivers for specific fish species in a certian area and then find the near by campgrounds and even make campground reservations where available. Boat Escape provides complete boating and recreation information, in one spot, tailored to the needs of the boaters, campers and anglers in the northwest. Our goal is to build these same friendly searches for Washington, Idaho and Northern California.

Denny Stevens - Luthier

This site is a tribute web site to a Great Man and Phenominal Luthier (guitar maker) - Dennis Wayne Stevens, commonly known as "Denny". Denny lost his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) on June 22nd 2009. Denny's wife, Karen, wanted to develop a web site for his second anniversary of death for friends, family, and DW Steven's Guitar Owners to enjoy for years to come.

HedgeHog Welfare Society

A national association tending to hedgehog's welfare around the country. A couple of SQL Databases on the backend tracking various pieces of this site and 4-6 different online forms that submit to those databases and send emails.

Networks of Salem

Formally a Letip Chapter; our networking group decided to seperate from Letip International and do it on our own; now Networks of Salem. I have been a member of this networking group since 1999. This site has a searchable database of all "Networks of Salem" members, searchable by a number of different criteria. In addition each member can update their own information with a unique username and password. We also store and track all tips (referals) members give and receive. That piece is password protected, but would be happy to provide a temp password to view this piece; its pretty cool.

The Trout Master

Franz Dutzler, award winning Austrian born Oregon fish sculptor, carves fish with a passion. He has become known for his exquisite scenes of fish. His attention to detail and the uncanny realism of each carved fish has become the unmistakable hallmark of his work. Franz's meticulously carved, native wild trout wood sculptures are so exacting that they look like when you first hold it in your hand, “Fresh from the Stream”. We developed a SQL Server database on the backend where Franz can add/update his carvings that are then displayed under the various carving categories.

Prier Pipe and Supply Inc

Prier Pipe is a pipe and plumbing wholesale supplier in Salem, Oregon. They have an internal Point of Sale (POS) system based in a SQL Server Database, that we replicate pieces of it on an automated daily schedule (job) that exports data out to their web site for the purpose of an online ordering system for their current customers. This site was developed with ASP pages and a SQL Server Database on the back end.

Kilkee Photos

Kilkee, County Clare, Ireland is where I lived for 2 years back in 1980, 81, and 82 and have visited numerous times. Kilkee will always be a very special place in my heart. Click here to view the story behind me and Kilkee.  me and

A donated site for the development and hosting for one of my heros: Dr Arlene Brooks. Arlene does SO MUCH Volunteer work in providing medical care for small animals where this might be their last chance. The Last Chance Club focuses on bringing medical care to as wide a rescue population as is possible on a routine basis. Aided by "bare bones" costs for supplies and donated professional time for vet services, animals with treatable conditions can be helped and adopted rather than being euthanized. This web site also has a small database where Dr Books can track her Cases and have them dynamically displayed on this web site.

City View Funeral Home and Cemetery

City View Funeral Home and Cemetery is a local, independent, family-owned and-operated business. There is a small database piece on this web site that allows the owners to manage the Obituaries section of the site. That piece of their business is constantly changing so verses (1) learning HTML or (2) having to work with me as their Web Master each time someone passed; this database piece allows them to easily manage new obituaries that they are notified of - They LOVE IT.  I build web solutions that allow owners to better manage their web site.

Santana Village Park - Salem Oregon

A Local Neighborhood Owned Park in Salem Oregon. Once owned and maintained by Marion County Parks and Rec, it is now owned and WELL maintained by the Santana Village Neighborhood Association, Non-Profit / Charitable Organization 501(c)(3) corporation.

Oregon Department of Education (ODE)

So this site has changed drastically since I worked there, but I was the "Web Master" for the Oregon Department of Education for a few years and headed up the Internet division in 1997-1999. At the time I left there were over 23 databases delivering dynamic content to a 1999 daily average of 50,000 hits a day. I built numerous database driven web applications that allow central input or querying out of various data sets of the agency (MS Access and SQL Server).

Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC)

Previous to working at Department of Education, I worked at the Oregon Department of Corrections, where I wore a couple of hats, one of those being the department's "Web Master".  As in any state agency, there are many pieces to this one. While I was there, it seemed to grow exponentially by the day. Illinois State Corrections was the first State Corrections website, in the nation, to have a search utility on the public information of all their criminals; I was strongly encouraging one for Oregon while I was there! I have offered my services when they get ready to work on such a project. This site is over 1300 web pages. While I was there I also developed a web team, similar to Department of Education.

Stone Clinic

The Stone Clinic and Stone Foundation. Dr Kevin Stone's practice with special interests in research and advanced techniques for orthopaedic joint surgery. The Stone Clinic is located in downtown San Francisco, CA. A very informative web site. There is a small database on this site to collect visitor's information for future communications.


Visual Basic Client-Server Applications I have written:
Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) Member Application

This application tracks NMTA's membership base, inclduing renewals and invoicing, boat show and exhibitor information, brands they sell, multiple levels of contacts and multiple store locations. This is a Visual Basic application with a SQL Server backend. There are stored procedures that replicate data out to their web site and Boatshow Kiosk application(s).  

Houston Boat Show Member Application

This application tracks all of Houston Boat Show membership base, inclduing renewals and invoicing, boat show and exhibitor information, brands they sell, multiple levels of contacts and multiple store locations. This is a Visual Basic application with a SQL Server backend. Phase 2 would be to build similar routines as NMTA (above) to replicate some public data out to their web site and for search capabilities.  

Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) Touch Screen Kiosk Application for Shows

Developed a touch screen, Flash based, kiosk system for the Seattle Boat Show. A high percentage of the application was dynamic content, relient on an Access database on the backend for the Kiosk machines and a MySQL database for the Online version. Thee were 9 kiosk computers evenly distributed around the Seattle Boat Show. The data that populated the tables came from NMTA's SQL Server Membership database and we built DTS packages to export the data and update the local copies when needed.

ICARS - Incident Cost And Reporting System

This application is used on Large Incidents (Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, etc) to track, report, and graph estimated total costs of a Forest Fire or Fire Incident. I originally wrote it in Paradox while working for the Forest Service in 1995, but later re-wrote the application, under contract with the US Forest Service, in Visual Basic with an Access Database on the back end. One of its many forte's is its ability to split costs amongst multiple agencies (Cost Apportionment Module) and its many Reports and Graphs. 

Central Records 3x5 Card Application

This application was developed in Visual Basic and Oracle for the Oregon Department of Corrections. Prior to this application, Central Records had over 1.3 million 3x5 cards that held microfiche information about Oregon offenders. Now all this information is on-line and ties into our Criminal Information System (CIS). This application uses Oracle's Objects for OLE and Oracle's AS400 Gateway product to read and write to both DB400 on an AS400 and Oracle tables on a Unix Server. The department wished to replace the microfiching of offender's records with a document imaging system, which this application would be the stepping stone to a much larger application.

Parole Board Reporting

This application was developed in Visual Basic with an Oracle backend and is used to assist Parole Board staff with daily, weekly, mid-month, monthly and quarterly reports. Prior to this application, staff were required to manually execute dozens of individual reports passing identical parameters for each. This application was a great time saver for the Parole Board staff.

Inmate Assessment Application

This application was developed in Visual Basic and Oracle for the Oregon Department of Corrections. This application is used during an offenders initial evaluation and assessment. It is a three-tier client server application as the client piece is on a Windows box and writes to DB400 and Oracle tables.

Chapter Tool Manages ALL Letip Chapters Data Brian Platz - 15 Gallon Red Cross Blood Donor